Welcome, Guest!

All players must register to play

To register do the following:
  • You need to go to http://cookcraftnetwork.net/register.php
  • Fill in the account name you play as with minecraft
  • Choose a decent password for you to login in with (If you own a legit minecraft account, do not use the password you use at minecraft.net)
  • Fill in a valid email as we will send an activation link before you can play.
  • Then you need to check your email and click the activation link it sends you.
  • After that you can type in-game: /login yourpassword
  • Remember you can change your password and email at http://cookcraftnetwork.net/ucp.php
  • If you have forgotten your password then go to http://cookcraftnetwork.net/forget.php

Connection Guide

To connect our server you will need to:
  • Download Minecraft from Minecraft.net if you have bought it and registered a legit account with them.
  • If you do not have a retail minecraft account then it is up to you to find a cracked client at your own risk, we do not officially support cracked clients but we do allow them to connect
  • Either login with your legit Minecraft username & password or if you have the cracked client, then just pick a username that is not taken. (users who own a legit username from minecraft.net will have priority with keeping that in-game)
  • Lastly to connect to our server you need to click Multiplayer
  • => Add Server
    => Enter a Server name (CookCraftNetwork)
    => Enter the server address which is:
    => Click Done, then click Join Server